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Can STYLY Sessions accomodate PlayMaker change scene action

Hi there, 

I have been creating a few scenes in STYLY. The scenes are linked through the story of each work. I cant put these scenes together into one scene because the scene would be too large. 

I found the STYLY custom playmaker action to change scene when interacting with a specific object. I want people to experience thiese scenes in a group. When i test with multiple users in STYLY session i am finding that only one user transports to the next scene rather than everyone at once. 

Could you suggest somethign that would alow me to achieve the result i am looking for?

Thank you,


Hi Freddie Hodjkins,

I understand what kind of scenes you want to create.

Do you know that you can add some STYLY scenes to one STYLY Session? If you change the scene to the next scene as a session owner, guest users transit to the next scene automatically.

If you still want to use interactive functions, it would be a good idea to add color to the objects or to place guidance text near the objects for clarity.

Sincerely yours,

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Thank you for your advice! 

So if I understand correctly, only the session owner can transport everyone to the next scene after using an interaction?

What I had hoped for was for anyone in the scene to be able to do this, so it was more like a race to find the interaction object.

That's a great idea for directing people with colour suggestions.



If you insert several scenes as a Session function, only the session owner can transport everyone to the next scene after using an interaction.

However, if use only interaction not Session function, anyone in the scene can move to the next scene when he or she occurs the interaction.

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