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STYLY upload failed

I am receiving an error when I try and upload a scene from Unity to STYLY studio.

azcopy failed: stderr error code 1

The scene size is 155 mb.

Dear Joe Ramirez,

Thank you for using STYLY.

There is a possibility that the Azcopy file is not installed.

Please go to STYLY > Asset Upload Setting in the menu, uncheck Enable Azcopy once and check it again to install Azcopy.

Sincerely yours,

I had this issue. If azcopy is enabled, and it still fails with the same error, try breaking up the scene into prefab parts and upload separately.

I got this error uploading a prefab that was ~180mb. For some reason, it would fail when I uploaded while I had the Unity scene I was working in open in the Unity editor, but it succeeded when I uploaded it with a brand new empty scene open in the Unity editor. Not entire sure why, but this workaround seemed to consistently work.

This happens to me sometimes also but stops when you make sure you dont have any left over code or assets from other projects. Also check youre not using any playmaker references to anything that isnt supported on WebXR ie. Microphone access

Exactly, please take a look at the contents of that 180MB prefab; it may contain elements that cannot be uploaded to STYLY, such as C# scripts.

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