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upload issues re animation

is it possible that uploading to STYLY messes up my animations in my actual unity project? a bunch of them stopped working in my project, i fixed them, and then uploaded, and then they werent working anymore in my project

thank you

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Hi, you already solved the problems?

sorry i think i have messed it up with my tagging actually even in my unity project-

thank you!


Hi, you already solved the problems?

yes thanks!

Also I would like to share my gratitude for your help if that is ok:

This is my presentation of my project which I submitted for the Newview awards.

I AM SO INCREDIBLY GRATEFUL to you for the help you have given me!!! My creative work means so so much to me and the fact that you meticulously helped me out and resolved my problems with the software- in such a dedicated manner- was truly uplifting!

It was also so intellectually inspiring and gave me so much hope that such a highly technologically skilled person was putting such intense effort into resolving the tech challenges I was facing.

I am super grateful! Words cannot express my gratitude- 2 of the best moments: when you found out why the fbxs weren’t working, when you found out why the scene was not working-

These were creatively heroic acts for my project! Thank you so much! I will no doubt be asking further questions on this forum by the way as I continue to refine and develop my Styly projects!


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