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Importing rigid body simulations from Blender to STYLY

 I've been experimenting with rigid body simulations in Blender to create animations using physics and collisions. Is there a way to export my objects with the rigid body simulation animations from Blender over to STYLY? When i export out my objects with  an FBX file and open upload them to STLY via the Studio the animation is frozen and wont play.

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Yes you can export Rigid body simulations from Blender to STYLY, but you need to take an additional step.. You need to convert your hard body simulation into keyframes, then export as an FBX. 

To convert the simulation into keyframes in Blender: 

-Select the scene properties tab in the properties window (by default on the right side of the screen)

-Expand the “Rigid Body World” properties

-Under Cache check the Simulation start and end frames to make sure your entire animation is included, and that there isn’t dead space on your animation. 

-Click on the “Bake All Dynamics” button

-Now select the object in your simulation at the top of the screen select Object>Rigid Body> Bake to keyframes

-Now export your object as an FBX and upload to SYLY. Once uploaded your animation should now play in your VR or AR scene. 

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