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Exporting animated Alembic model from Houdini into Unity then STYLY Upload

Hi there,

I have been modelling and animating a jellyfish using Houdini from Side FX.

When I export the model as an Alembic file and import it into unity it works well in the game view.

However, when I upload the model to my STYLY account it seems that components of the model separate/sometimes disappear on upload. 

I looked on the styly website, and alembic files are listed as compatible.

Could there be something I am doing wrong on upload?

All the best,


(12.5 KB)
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The list of compatible files listed means that they are compatible on Sketchfab.

It does not mean that they are STYLY compatible.

The alembic files use vertex animation.

STYLY does not support vertex animation.


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