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Importing animated models to STYLY without using Unity

 I'm working on a scene in STYLY and I'd like to import some models that I've animated in blender. Can i do this without having to upload via Unity?

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Yes its possible to bring your animated models into a STYLY scene via the browser based studio. Follow the steps below:
-Export your animated model as an FBX from blender. Make sure to bake your animation in the export options
-Open up your scene in the STYLY studio
-Click on the add asset button, near the top left of the screen
-Then click on "My Uploads"
-Select 3d Model
-Next click on "select" and choose your fbx file on your computer
-It should take a minute or two for STYLY to upload and process your model
-You should now be able to select your model from the my models section

Always keep in mind that optimization is key when working on STYLY so it may be best to reduce the geometry of your model before exporting.

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