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Resize Uploaded Video

Hi There

Is there a way to resize uploaded videos? Or upload in a ratio that is not Square or 16:9? (There is only an option for square video / the media player resizes to 16:9 automatically)
also, is there a way to rotate the videos?

I have a video that is portfolio format with a ratio of 5:7

At the moment, I am guessing a workaround, would be to upload mp4 at 16:9, rotate and remove the extra background via chroma key in Styly.

But if you have a suggestion, please do let me know



Hi,Sahar Homami

This is not possible in Studio because there are no video assets with the original aspect ratio.

There are two possible methods.

The first is to re-set the aspect ratio of the video to match the aspect ratio of the asset provided by Studio and upload it.

The second is to upload the video to STYLY via Unity.


Hi There Nagsia

Thanks for the reply.

I found a solution in the meantime. Using hotkey "R" , it is possible to manually modify the ration once the video is uploaded via Media Player. 

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