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Trouble with YouTube videos

 I've been having trouble with getting YouTube videos to work in my VR scenes created in the STYLY Studio. Sometimes they'll load fine, but other times they'll remain white and wont load no matter how long I keep the scene open. 

Is there a work around for this problem, so that i can get my videos to reliably play?

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Hi there

Unfortunately externally hosted YouTube videos occasionally run into connection issues and wont function properly. The good news is that there is a workaround where you can upload your video files into your STYLY scene.

-Open your STYLY scene in the studio editor.
-Go to insert asset at the top left of the screen
-Click on "My Uploads"
-click on "Video"
-Choose one of the video player options. Probably the most universal screen is the "upload video square screen, then upload your video
-As a final step you can use the scale tool in STYLY studio to get the correct aspect ratio for your video (landscape, portrait, etc)

Keep in mind that its recommended that you keep your video file size under 100mb and the format should be MP4.

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