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Relfections in AR scene

 I'm working on an AR scene for STYLY in Unity and i want to include realistic metallic reflective materials on objects in my scene. Usually i can achieve this in Unity by using a skybox which creates an environment to reflect back. However every time I upload my AR scene to STYLY, the skybox obscures my scene. How can i get reflective materials to work in my AR scene without a skybox?

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Hi There

You can easily make reflective materials work in STYLY AR by baking in your skybox reflections.  Please follow the below steps

1) bake light in light
settings window > rendering > light settings, go to bottom and click generate lighting

2) set skybox texture to none in the light settings

If you follow the above steps your metallic materials will still have the skybox reflections baked in when you upload to STYLY 

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