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How can i make a model walkable? Like stairs

I'm wondering how to make sure a model is walkable in STYLY ? And once its walkable if i animate that layer will it continue to move players, like a moving platform?

Is this something that has to be in Unity?

Hi Ricky,

There is a way to create an animation of a model walking.

If you use Mixamo, you can attach movement such as walking to your model.

Sincerely yours,

Sorry this questions specific to how can you make an object a game element that can be walked on by users in Virtual Reality

I got it. As of now, on STYLY, the only way to move is to teleport.

Hey Hara

If i teleport ontop of the mesh will it just recognise it as a floor i can teleport to or does there need to be a collider placed on it?

Hi Ricky,

I guess so, you can probably teleport towards  on the object with mesh. If you cannot do it, you should add scaffolding on the object. The following article tells you how to add scaffolding to the STYLY scene.

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