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Hi my skyboxes take too long to load in styly, what are the ideal sizes/ resolutions etc. that I need to have them as so that they load just as quickly as the skyboxes that are included with styly?
Thank you 

Hi, 大学生好

You mean that you place STYLY skybox on STYLY Studio, but it took too long to load, right?

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How big are your skyboxes currently? 

 Hara- yes

Ricky DeSilva- 18.9mb

8192 by 4096 (pixels i think?)

thanks so much look forward to the answer.

Ok, the scene size has no problem.

Recommended scene size is 200MB or less.

Please try reloading the web page.

See if you can do it, try clearing your browser's cache. For Google Chrome, Win : Ctrl + F5 / Mac : Command + Shift + R

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 sorry is that 200mb for just the skybox or for the whole scene? thanks a lot!

200MB is for the whole scene. Thus, your skybox is 18.9MB has no problem.

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Maybe try differnt resolutions in your project and see if the whole project is being pushed past the 200mb point? Perhaps you could see what is causing the launch problem that way.

Ideally you'd want to check your assets all seperatly are optimised.

Moochie Moochie!

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