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assets in unity but not in styly

 these green hands are shown in my unity project, even when i press play, but i cant see them when i upload the scene to styly

pls tell me how to resolve this

thank you!!

Hi 大学生好,

I can hardly understand anything from that image.

Could you explain that to me in a little more detail?

How did you make the hands on Unity? Are they from Unity Assets Store?

If you don't implement PlayMaker or animations on the hands, you should try to upload the hands to STYLY as a prefab.

Sincerely yours,

I am sorry about my lack of clarity!

The hands have actions attached to them -

And I have tested the project in unity so I know my fsms are fine-

But now even more of my assets aren’t appearing in styly- is there any chance I could please send you the project in the next few days and you could please tell me why I cant upload it? (i will also send a screen recording of how its meant to look)

It is my new view award submission lol so would really like to get it uploaded!

Thank you so much 

 Also I made the hands in open brush

I have made all the assets in open brush

Thank you, I understand what you mean in detail.

Yes, please send me your Unity project.

Best regards,

I have emailed

Thank you!

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