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scene malfunctioning

This scene is malfunctioning when I try to view it in styly? The floor just becomes this tiny square in-front of my face and the unicorns are tiny and skybox is this small round spherical thing rather than infinite- Please tell me how to fix this

Thank you


Sorry and the answers are
I made it in open brush and then converted it to an fbx in blender and uploaded it onto mixamo and the brought it to unity

Yes I am attaching PlayMaker action on the unicorn

 here it is

Thanks a lot!! 

Sorry for late reply.

I visited URL you attached, but there is no file.

Could you check the URL is right?

It might take time to solve the problem.

The url only lasts a few days before it expires! Can you please give me a deadline by when I can send it to you and you can check it within 48 hours? That way I can make sure it does not expire!

Thank you!

I understand.

If you see this message, please send me the URL again.

I will check it within two days.

I downloaded it, but it the file is a movie.

Please send me an Unity project.

i am so sorry I got it wrong! Am sending again! 

 i sent to the email

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