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sensor light audio


i used the sensor light example from styly github but replaced the audio.

the audio is meant to play as you approach the light and also as you depart from it.

its not meant to play when you start the scene.

the coordinates of my audio asset are -0.04,1,-0.72- just above the cube infront of the lion- i was trying to use the cubes as indicators of where my sensor was so i could test it-

my sensor light audio does not play on approach/ departure but only plays when i start the scene

please tell me what is wrong with the attached asset?

thanks a lot

sorry can you please just check the prefab and not the scene? if you dont mind? i have changed the scene too much-

thank you and sorry


I saw your wonderful scene!

I don't know why, but I couldn't open your prefab.

The sound as soon as the scene starts may be because you can't get the correct distance between the camera and the light.

Please refer to the following article to make sure that the settings are correct, especially the part "Create a transition to switch the state according to the distance".

Sincerely yours, 

thanks a lot, ok will try to see if i can alter the distance, maybe the distance is way too large and thats why it makes no difference where i stand

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